Through meditation we enter into communication with our spiritual essence, uncontaminated, alive and pulsating, the big bang of ying and yang from which to draw and create our being.

Through meditation you can seek yourself and find that fulcrum where our essence is burning the big bang of yin and yang, dark and bright spirits.

In our culture the state of an empty but conscious mind before sleep is called theta.

The image flows out of the material like an apparition that is not always understandable immediately, but that slowly becomes identifiable due to a process of artistic identification.

Every single crystal is carefully thought, laid out, carved, set, and left there to reflect the light. They are hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

The images that come to us from deep space merge with the suspended bodies of baroque painting.

The human body projected into the skies by the artist of the time take on forms that i glimpse in the undulating games of the light of the cosmos

The videographic material for the realization of this page has been kindly shared by Halcyon Gallery, London.