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The splendour is in their properties, the way they play with light, the way they enrapture you, you lose yourself in them.

Through the Cosmic Night Deep Blue

38.000 crystals set on plex ∅ 1220 x 25 mm
Private collection
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The differences alone are enough to explain this work. Those differences which seep out of the limitless magma of light that emerges from all its splendour, chromatic differences which speak of great changes in the perception of the work itself. Pulvis est et in pulverem reverteris is the sentence that shines through the amniotic mass of colour: with “You are dust and unto dust you shall return” the artist takes in this extreme truth like a knowing revelation and he spreads it as a rebuke. Wound through a texture of light and concealed in its reflections, the force of this last statement takes form in the magnum sea of colour, inside that red which flows like blood and transcends the Word to become life.

Amniotic Stardust

164.871 crystals set on plex 2000 x 2000 mm
Halcyon Gallery
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The Infinite Black is the result of motivations and feelings stemming from my return from Mongolia. In thinking back on those night-time skies I tried to find that magical sensation again of bewilderment that grabs you when you can no longer see things in their complete definition. With the Infinite Black was like finding a path in the dark, and more surprising in the sense that I was not sure what light effect I would have obtained. I did not know how the magic rays would have behaved. I was not sure how they would have shone, but once they were lit I was lost in the vortex of that black firmament, alive and shining.

Il Nero Infinito

73.323 crystals set on plex 2000 x 1500 mm
M.O.N.A Museum collection Museum of Old and New Art Collection
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The infinite black expanded

110.175 crystals set on plex 2000 x 2000 mm
Halcyon Gallery
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