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I have always loved to attract viewers to my art, with the light which gives meaning to my work, and lead them on a journey that explores the human soul, even in its most terrifying essence

To immortalize the “real” disease. One of the many scourges that affects the lands of India and at the same time enriches the pharmaceutical companies of advanced countries. A disease represented by an explosion of gold colour round gems of various diameters and cuts and the unequivocal acronym (HIV) that shines through a light that is only an omen of death.

L'oro malato

53.148 crystals set on plex 1500 x 2000 mm
Private collection
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Man hurt man: l’uomo ferisce l’uomo. The work investigates the theme of belonging to the human race, the result of an inspiration that takes shape within the experience of a “crossing” in the slums of Indian villages –– (in the India’s Slums villages) […] Every ravine that darkly overlooks the lives of those people has its own invisible and respected boundary. The entrance is itself without any doors. On those metal sheets held together by pieces of nylon was a white handprint of paint from an unknown hand, it caught my eye and stopped me in my tracks. The warning not to overstep was very clear. –– Above, the installation of the crystals is incomplete.

Pointy Print Black

87.000 crystals set on plex 1500 x 1500 cm
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